Download: 95-96 Volvo 850 A/C-Heater Systems Service Manual

Manual A/C-Heater Systems Volvo 850 Identifying Manual A/C-Heater Control Panel Cables Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America…..A/C SYSTEM PERFORMANCE 1) Close hood and front doors. Operate engine at 2000 RPM. Turn blower on third speed. Set temperature knob to cool setting. Select panel vent position on airflow mode control knob. Select recirculated air (button pressed). 2) Open panel vents. Turn on A/C. After 8 minutes, ensure compressor cycles on and off. Place thermometer in center vent. Ensure duct temperature is 41-46 ? F (5-8 ? C) when ambient temperature is 68-86 ? F (20-30 ? C), or 46-54 ? F (8-12 ? C) when ambient temperature is 104 ? F (40 ? C). REMOVAL & INSTALLATION WARNING: To avoid injury from accidental air bag deployment, read and carefully follow all SERVICE PRECAUTIONS and DISABLING & ACTIVATING AIR BAG SYSTEM procedures in the AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in the ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT section. A/C HEATER CONTROL PANEL Removal & Installation 1) Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove lower dash panels. Disconnect all cable sleeves (pop out) from cables at climate control unit. See Fig. 3. Remove 4 cables from damper levers. 2) Remove control knobs and blower fan switch button from….

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