Download: 2001 KIA Sephia Owners Manual.

KIA Sephia was a basis of an Indonesian compact car Timor. KIA Sephia is a low cost compact/small family car made by KIA Motors, a Korean automobile maker. KIA Sephia was produced between 1994-2001, in the first generation 1994-1997 this vehicle was powered by 1.8L DOHC BP engine the same engine that was fitted to Mazda Protege and Miata. In the second generation 1997-2001, a new 1.8L DOHC engine that was made by KIA itself fitted on KIA Sephia.


  • Introduction
  • Your vehicle at a glance
  • Knowing Your Vehicle
  • Driving your vehicle
  • Driving Tips
  • In Case of an emergency
  • Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Index

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