nsw department of education and training agricultural high school boarder scholarships at nsw government agricultural high schools farrer hurlstone … … YANCO 2007 INFORMATION AND APPLICATION FORM The NSW Government provides a number of scholarships for boarders at the state’s three boarding agricultural high schools. The scholarships are available to assist needy and isolated rural students wishing to undertake full time schooling as a boarder at a state agricultural high school. 1. The …

THE APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Scholarship applications will be considered by a school selection committee. The school selection committee will consist of the principal, a staff representative and a nominee of the school’s governing parent community body. The committee will have the power to co-opt additional members . The school selection committee will determine the distribution of the scholarships over Years 7 to 12 2. Each application must have attached a copy of the 2005/2006 assessment notice from the Australian Tax Office and evidence of isolation. 3. Each application must have attached documentation to support eligibility claims. The application form sets out examples of evidence for each section. 4. Scholarships normally continue whilst the student remains enrolled at the agricultural high school, provided that the student continues to meet eligibility conditions. Should a change to the student’s family circumstances affect their eligibility for a scholarship during the period of a scholarship’s tenure, the scholarship will be reviewed. 5. The residential agricultural high schools may be contacted as follows: The Principal Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School 585 Calala Lane TAMWORTH 2340 The Principal Hurlstone Agricultural High School Roy Watts Rd GLENFIELD 2167 The Principal Yanco Agricultural High School Private Mail Bag YANCO 2703 Ph. 02 6720 9211 Ph. 02 9829 9222 Ph. 02 6951 1500 FEES Tuition is free but the schools may charge varying amounts to cover services such as library, textbooks and sport. Fees to cover boarding cost are charged…. ESTABLISHING ELIGIBILITY: BASIC CRITERIA To be considered, applicants must provide evidence of disadvantage because of a combination of low family income and geographic isolation . The basic criteria to be met are that the student is eligible for BOTH the NSW Secondary Students Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA), and the Commonwealth’s Assistance for Isolated Children Allowance (AIC). Enquiries concerning eligibility for the LAFHA and the AIC Allowance should be directed to the office administering the allowances, not to the school. SECONDARY STUDENTS LIVING AWAY FROM HOME ALLOWANCE (LAFHA) This scheme is administered by the NSW Department of Education and Training. The allowance is reviewed annually. For 2007 it is $1,166 per annum with an additional $274 for Year 11-12 students if they are geographically isolated. This allowance is subject to a means test. The adjusted Family Taxable Income for the year ending 30 June 2006 must not exceed $48,537. The distance between the student’s home and his or her nearest government school or school of preferred religious denomination must be in excess of 48 kms. Information about LAFHA and application forms can be obtained from the Allowances Officer, Rural and Distance Education, PO Box 717, BATHURST 2795. Ph: 02 6334 8075 ASSISTANCE FOR ISOLATED CHILDREN SCHEME (AIC) Information regarding this scheme may be obtained by calling Centrelink on 13 2318. Yes No Do you believe that you satisfy the income criteria for the NSW LAFHA in 2007? Yes No Do you believe that you satisfy the distance criteria for the NSW LAFHA in 2007? Yes No Do you expect to qualify for NSW LAFHA in 2007 for any other reason? If Yes, please specify the reason….


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