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Shaw University Online Courses FAQ This FAQ addresses questions you might have … A: Online courses begin the same day as traditional classes. Online courses end … Shaw University Online Courses FAQ This FAQ addresses questions you might have about taking online courses. General Q: What is an online course? A: At Shaw, online courses are regular courses delivered over the Internet with Blackboard software. Online courses support collaborative learning. You may be assigned homework and/or projects, or be …

Q: Why is Shaw offering online courses? A: Most of our students leave campus for the summer. We believe that a program enabling students to take courses from home or other locations provides a valuable service. Q: What courses are offered? A: A complete listing of online courses may be found on online courses home page by calling The Registrar’s Office at 919-546-8415 Q: Why should I consider taking an online course? A: Online courses have many benefits: First, you have the ability to take the class from your home or anywhere you have access to a computer. Second, you take the course and do the bulk of your work at a time that works well for you – day or night. You can work on your course during the weekends and on days you select as long as you are able to get assignments in by the required day or time. Note : Professors may schedule synchronous chat sessions as part of the required work. Third, Shaw Online courses allow you to study under professors you know. Typically, online courses have a high degree of interaction, so you’ll get the same amount of personal attention you’re used to as a Shaw student. Finally, you won’t have to hassle getting credits transferred, as you would if you took a summer course at another institution! Q: Who is eligible to take an online course? A: Students who are enrolled at Shaw prior to the summer may register for an online course. Q: Can I take both an on-campus course and online courses?
A: No prohibition against this exists. However, the amount of work and the time it takes to complete online courses, particularly in a short summer session, make it advisable to take just one A : the Course Description, Course Objectives, and Student Learning Outcomes are the same for a given course whether it is taught at Raleigh Regular, CAPE, or Online course. Q: Can I take online courses and live on campus? A: Yes. As long as you have Internet access, you can take online courses while living anywhere, including the Shaw campus. Q: Do I get the same credit as in-class courses? A: Yes. Most Online courses are worth three (3) credit hours. Q: What about transfer credit for online courses? A: Transfer credit is always arranged with the registrar of the college or university from which you seek transfer credit. Credit for Online courses should be handled in the same manner. Q: Isn’t a course taught in a classroom better? A: While it is true that some students function better when they have regular meetings, face-to-face contact with other students and access to the professor in person, many students of all ages are beginning to take part in Online learning because it’s so convenient. Many studies show there is little difference in the amount you learn. The real question to ask is, “Am I suited for online learning?” Complete the questionnaire that begins on page 20 to help you make that decision. Q: How does the quality of an online class compare to a traditional class? A. The course description, course objectives, and student learning outcomes are the same for a given course whether it is taught on the main campus, CAPE or online. . Fees and finances Q: What are the costs for online courses? A: The tuition for taking online courses is the same as for traditional courses. Q: What are the hidden costs? A: There are no hidden costs associated with online courses, if you have the required computer, the required software, and an ISP (Internet service provider).
Q: Will my financial aid still apply? A: Yes. An application will have to be submitted and approved. Q: What is the refund policy for online courses? A: The refund policy for online courses is the same as with traditional courses in regular school session. But it is different for summer school Requirements Q: Do I need any special computer skills to take online courses? A : To enroll in a online courses you should be able to: . • Log into and use Blackboard. Note : Students who enroll in online courses are required to attend a training session prior to the summer term. This session will ensure that you’re familiar with the Blackboard features that will be used during your online course. . • Operate your computer. . • Use Microsoft Word and other programs in the Office suite, as required by your course. . • Send and receive e-mail. Check with the faculty member to determine if other computer-related requirements exist for the course…..

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