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Adobe ® PageMaker I: Creating a Flyer A Workshop for San Diego State University Students © 2000. … the BATS Web Page by pointing your browser to: Help in … PageMaker I: Creating a Flyer 1 Creating a Flyer In this class we will create a single-page, black-and-white flyer from start to finish. You will learn how to import text and photographs. You’ll also learn how to type text directly into a publication and will draw several graphic elements (square, circle, and line). Starting PageMaker • On the Macintosh, open the Adobe PageMaker 6.5 folder and double-click the Adobe PageMaker 6.5 icon. • In Windows, choose Start, Programs, Adobe, Adobe PageMaker 6.5. Opening an existing publication 1. Choose File, Open, and in the Open Publication dialog box, locate and double- click the document. The document will open with horizontal and vertical rulers extending along the top and left edges of the publication window. 2. If the publication window doesn’t fill the screen, click the Maximize button in the right corner of the title bar to expand the window. 3. As you look at the publication window, notice the following elements

PageMaker I: Creating a Flyer 3 Placing a graphic We will use the Place command to import a photograph into the flyer. PageMaker lets you import, link, and export text and graphic elements that are saved in another format. 1. Choose File, Place. Locate and open the file. The pointer will change to a loaded graphic icon. Position the graphic icon where you want the upper left corner of the graphic to appear. 2. With the loaded graphic icon, click anywhere on the page to place the photograph. 3. With the pointer tool selected, click in the center of the photograph, and hold down the mouse button until the pointer changes to an arrowhead. 4. With the mouse button still held down, drag the photograph beyond the bottom edge of the page. 5. With the mouse button still held down, drag the photograph until its left and bottom edges are aligned wit the left and bottom margin guides, respectively, and release the mouse button. Important: PageMaker lets you undo only a single level of modification. Placing text in column 2 You can insert text created in other word processing applications into a PageMaker publication, such as, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, and Word. 1. Choose File, Place, and in the Place Document dialog box, double-click the file you want to import. The pointer changes to a loaded text icon. 2. Positions the loaded text icon in column 2 below the top margin guide. Click to place the text. The text flows into the column automatically. Windowshades: Loops at the top and bottom border of the text, indicates the text is selected as a text block. Empty at top indicate the beginning of the story. Empty at the bottom indicate the end of the story. Red triangle indicates that the end of the story is not displayed. Formatting the text in column 2 We will apply character specification to the text in column 2 using the Control palette. 1. Click the text tool in the toolbox to select it. 2. With the text tool, click the text in column 2 to establish an insertion point (a blinking vertical bar where you can begin typing). Choose Edit, Select All. 3. In the Control palette, choose the font type, type size, leading size, and click the Apply button. Leading: Vertical space in which text is placed. Unlike type size, which varies with each letter, leading is an exact measurement. Creating a drop cap A drop cap is a large initial letter that spans two or more lines of text. 1. Select the zoom tool in the toolbox, and drag over the first paragraph in column 2 to magnify its view. 2. Select the text tool, drag to select the first letter of the first paragraph in column 2. 3. In the control palette, choose the Font. 4. Choose Utilities, Plug-ins, Drop Cap, type 4 for Size, and click OK. 5. Press Command together with the Shift and F12 keys to force PageMaker to redraw the screen at the current screen view. 6. Choose View, Fit in Window to view the entire page.

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